3 Tips to Maximize Your Role as a Dental Assistant

We are excited to introduce you to a new voice on the Dental City Blog—Jenna—one of our awesome account managers who came to us after she decided she wanted a new perspective of the dental industry. Before that, though, she worked as a talented dental assistant and is here to share some of her insight.

If you work in the dental field, you already know it can be challenging at times—whatever your position may be.

Let’s face it. The average patient would rather be anywhere else in the world than at the dentist. However, as a certified dental assistant myself, I know there are ways assistants can make patient appointments a little less awkward. So I’ve gathered 3 personal tips I think will maximize your role as a dental assistant, and make you a stronger asset to the team.

  1. Understand patient needs
    To help patients feel more comfortable in the office, try to understand their individual needs from a personal level. Maintain open communication with your patients from the moment they step into the office until they leave. Also, remember to treat your patients how you would like to be treated, and think about what you would like to know going into the same kind of appointment and adjust accordingly.
  2. Be organized
    Being organized helps appointments go smoothly for you, your patient, and the doctor you are chair side with. Instead of scrambling for materials or instruments, have them setup in an orderly fashion for easy transitions throughout the procedure. This will reduce confusion and help the patient feel at ease and confident in the outcome of the appointment. To add to that, have a simple and orderly routine for keeping inventory at the office. Keep your supplies stocked and organized, so you are ready for any procedure at any time, and you have the materials you need to complete them. This will prevent inconveniencing a patient when unexpected things occur. No rescheduling needed here!
  3. Build trust
    Building solid relationships with your patients is a necessary step in maintaining a successful practice. The role of dental assistant is built upon supporting patients and being by their side for whatever they may need. So of course, it only comes naturally that in order to maximize your role in this area, you need to focus on being a good listener, taking good notes, and making sure that the information you are giving your patients is accurate and honest. Be prepared for complex patient questions and educate them about what to expect.


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