4 easy ways to create a waiting area your patients will love!

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a freshened up waiting room sure to delight patients both new and old.

  1. Switch up the color
    If you’ve been rocking the same color for some time, this is the easiest way to breathe new life into the reception area. If you have a smaller room, try a lighter green or blue for a calming feel. Or a light peach can offer comfort. A large room can handle a richer color, such as burgundy, which expresses confidence and control. So get painting!
  2. Add art that shows your office personality
    Do you live in a beautiful, natural region such as the mountains or dessert? Capture that in photography to display in the waiting area. Or scour thrift stores for unique paintings to add color and a quirky flair. Artwork that reflects the interests of your team can help foster patient communication by showing who you are outside of the office.
  3. Remember the basics
    Your patients might have come in for a long day of work or be in the midst of a horrible seasonal allergy attack. Keep them comfortable with facial tissues, a quick refreshment such as water or coffee, a place to hang up coats, hand sanitizer and lotion, etc. Not to mention be aware of the temperature! If the staff at the front desk has to bring in a blanket to work or look they’ve worked out by the time they leave—something has to change.
  4. Keep it current
    Have a stack of magazines from the last decade? Or the classic waiting room instrumental music playing? Yeah—get rid of that. It screams “we don’t care.” Instead renew a few magazine subscriptions each year and spend time finding a few light music stations on a streaming site like Pandora. Also, mount a flat-screen TV and tune it to a channel like HGTV for some light entertainment most will enjoy. And free WiFi for patients who bring a smartphone or tablet will make any weight time seem much faster. It’ll be like a home away from home.