5 Scary Good Dental Marketing Ideas to Try this Fall

As the temperatures start to drop, the leaves start to change and the thrill of the holiday season is just on the horizon there’s no better season than fall to incorporate into your dental marketing strategy. Hopefully by now the back to school rush has slowed and your schedule has become a little less hectic, so that you’re able to refocus on your end of year goals—including attracting new patients and continuing to have strong relationships with your current patient base.

We know that your digital presence, including your website and social media activity, will help you to capture the attention of prospective patients. But it never hurts to switch things up and add some fun, unique strategies into your marketing plan based around the time of year you’re currently in. And these creative dental marketing ideas bring the fun of fall into your dental practice marketing strategy.


  1. Host a trick or treat event in your office
    Invite current and prospective patients via social media, post cards, radio ads and more to your practice for trick or treating on a Saturday leading up to Halloween. Dress your reception area up in festive decorations and encourage kids to come dressed up in their costumes. Have both traditional Halloween “treats” (different types of candy) and throw in a few “tricks” (toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss) to make sure it’s a balanced day. And for the parents treat them to a discounted fluoride treatment for their kids. It’s a fun and easy way to stand out from the other dental offices in your community and make some great connection with potential patients that makes them want to come back.
  2. Sponsor a Candy Collection Event
    There are many organizations, both local and national, that collect extra candy after Halloween to distribute it to various deserving groups. Do some research to see which organization you’d like to collect candy for (both Ronald McDonald House and Meals on Wheels are known to accept candy donations or you can check with other local charities) and then set up a candy collection center in your reception area. Encourage current patients to donate and to spread the word to families and friends about the program. Bonus points if you connect with another local business so that you’re able to collect double the candy—and have your practice name displayed in another spot in your community.
  3. “Falling” prices Sale – Discount on whitening, x-rays, etc.
    Yes, we’re going to get a little corny with this one—after all, who can resist a good pun? Create a marketing campaign that takes advantage of this season’s name by offering discounts on a few procedures like whitening, x-rays, gum care (like oral rinses) and more for new patients. You can advertise this in whatever medium you prefer—social media, email, direct mail, etc.—but just make sure you play up the twist of words with some fall imagery to really send the message home. No one can resist a good deal. And sweeten the pot for existing customers, too, by offering the same discounts to them if they are able to send a referral to the office.
  4. Think Pink
    We’d be remiss if we didn’t offer a way to incorporate Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October) into your marketing strategy as it’s so prevalent in many communities. Take an active role in this campaign by teaming up with your local American Cancer Society chapter—they’ll have plenty of ways you can help raise funds, like having your office participate in a local Making Strides Walk. Create a team for your practice and then commit to a certain donation goal, making sure to update current and potential patients of your progress via social media. As a way to get the community involved offer to match any donation made to your team by a patient. Potential patients will appreciate seeing how your practice is making a positive impact on your community.
  5. Shareable Fall Bucket Lists
    Everyone loves to get out and enjoy the fall season. So why not help patients out by providing a ready-made fall bucket list filled with fall activities they can check off as the season goes on? Design and print out fall bucket lists and hand them out to patients as they leave their appointments (make sure your practice name, logo and contact info are also listed) to encourage them to make the most out of the season. And to give added incentive offer a prize (like a free whitening kit or gift card to a local restaurant) for anyone who checks everything off the bucket list or who is willing to share photos of their fall activities on your social media pages.


When it comes to marketing your dental practice it’s always good to think outside the box and find ways to differentiate your practice from the other offices in your community. And by using inspiration from the season with these fall marketing ideas you’ll be sure to leave a memorable impact on both new and current patients.