6 times dentists stole the show on the big screen

Screen capture. Copyright © 2003 Disney Enterprises, Inc. / Pixar Animation Studios. Credit: © 2003 Disney / Pixar / Courtesy: Pyxurz.

Dentists (and all dental professionals) pretty much rock in real life, what with the keeping our smiles pearly white and our mouths healthy. So it’s not surprising that they’ve been popping up in movies since the creation of film.

After scouring many lists across the world wide web of all the movies with dental stars, here are the six that kept coming up again and again.

Dr. Sherman in Finding Nemo

While his moment on the screen is short (and animated) in this film, it is memorable. His turn as a dentist and uncle too fond of collecting exotic fish comes to a head when Nemo is almost taken home by his overzealous niece Darla. Thankfully all ends well for little Nemo. (And can’t forget to mention this film has great dental dialogue between the sea creatures in Dr. Sherman’s tank, like when they discuss whether he’s using a Hedstrom or K-file.)

Dr. O’Connell in Eversmile New Jersy

Daniel Day-Lewis plays the role of a quirky dentist who travels to rural Argentina to give free dental care to those in need (while trying to meander through a forbidden romance). This movie has a positive portrayal of dentistry you won’t get in any other film!

Dr. Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In the second adaptation of the classic Roald Dahl book, we learn that Willy Wonka was driven to start a candy factory because his dentist father didn’t allow him any as a child. Christopher Lee plays this creepy character well—and makes us very thankful for our much more understanding dentists!

Dr. Scrivello in Little Shop of Horrors

In this rock, horror musical Steven Martin plays the part of sadistic Dr. Scrivello in this kooky plot about a blood-thirsty plant that leads to his ultimate demise when he inhales too much nitrous oxide. He even gets a whole musical number called “Dentist.” Makes me really glad, off-screen dentists know how to give good patient service and properly use anesthesia!

Dr. Pincus in Ghost Town

Dr. PIncus, played by Ricky Gervais, is a dentist who, after a near death experience, is able to communicate with ghosts. After some persuading he begins to help one ghost in particular, attempting to stop his widow from remarrying. While trying to help his ghostly friend, Dr. PIncus ends up falling for his widow. Much drama ensues (including another near death experience!), but Dr. PIncus ends up meeting his love again as she visits him before a dentist appointment.

Dr. Price in The Hangover (and following sequels)

Played by Ed Helms, Dr. Price is part of a hilarious trio of friends who wake up after a wild bachelor party unable to find the soon to be groom. Dr. Price is immensely proud of his profession (referring to himself as a doctor) and tends to be the responsible and uptight voice of reason for the group. Also, Dr. Prices’s character loses a tooth early in the movie, which made Helms, who had a tooth never grow in, even more perfect for the role.