8 Strange Things Someone Witnessed in a Dental Office

By now we’ve most likely figured out people are all different. They all have quirks or their own way of doing things. That’s just what makes people so great.

But (you knew a “but” was coming, right?) sometime people take their quirkiness a little too far. So, lucky for you, we stumbled across a collection of bizarre happenings that people have witnessed in their various dental practices. And decided to share some with you.

  1. One woman who recently had gotten hair extensions had a minor meltdown during an appointment. Deciding the extensions were “possessed” she attempted to pull them out while with her patient
  2. Another person had a co-worker quit in the most subtle of ways. She simply wrote “I quit” on a Post-It note and stuck it to her computer monitor. Then she slipped away.
  3. A coworker dumped everything out of the treasure box onto the floor of the sterilization area, got down on her hands and knees, took out all the bracelets, and proceeded to wear them all on one arm.
  4. One practice’s receptionist decided to ask a patient if he would be willing to trade his car for payment. Once he declined she asked for his bank account number.
  5. In another office, a temporary employee witnessed the doctor trying to justify turning his gloves inside out to reach in a drawer or use his cell phone before turning them around to use on a patient. Fortunately, this employee explained the error of his ways.
  6. During the middle of an appointment a spider was crawling over the stomach of the patient. Once alerted to the situation the assistant removed the evacuator from the patient’s mouth, sucked up the spider, and then went right back to the assisting the patient like nothing happened.
  7. Someone in another dental office thought it would be a good idea to retrieve a patient’s crown after it had fallen down the drain.
  8. One woman’s co-worker had an affinity for saving animals—and had to excuse herself from an appointment to adjust the LIVE baby rabbit she had hidden in her shirt.

And we can only hope none of you have had to deal with such, ahem, unique situations. (Or, you know, feel free to share if you have.)

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