A Winning Face Shield For Dental Professionals

Recently, a Dental City employee took a few samples of our face shields to Midwest Dental in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Dr. Alex Metzler, DDS, and a handful of hygienists started using them immediately and had nothing but positive remarks to share back with us. Their comments highlighted information detailed in the product’s description on our website; “These shields are lightweight, wrap around the face, do not bind too tight to their head, and are compatible with loupes.” This dental office was especially pleased with this last feature as they have previously struggled with face shields not working well with their loupes.

Even after the second day of use, these face shields were still all the rage at Midwest Dental. Their staff has stated they will definitely buy more of this face shield for their office and have gone as far as to recommend this product to their main regional purchasing manager for all the offices in the region. Dental City is now working on sending the purchasing manager samples in hopes that they love it as much as Dr. Metzler and other employees have so far.

In a time where safety and health are of the utmost importance, the products that your dental office uses can make all the difference. Many dental professionals have recently been encountering issues with uncomfortable face shields that do not work well with their loupes or other eye protection. These issues result in a strong desire for a face shield that appropriately protects both the eyes and loupes of dentists and hygienists.

We’ve worked diligently with manufacturers to produce a face shield that our customers will love. The Dental City Visor and Face Shield help provide this safety and comfort that dental professionals need more than ever. The lightweight design has great ventilation that contributes to its comfort. Other positive features include its ease to assemble along with its compatibility with glasses, loupes, lights, and face masks. All of these features work together to ensure an excellent product that any dental professional will be pleased with.

In order to protect yourself and your patients, products that provide the right level of safety are obviously the number one priority in today’s dental environment. But this does not mean that comfort should have to be sacrificed. Finding the best products that account for both these factors will lead to the most success in any dental office. This is why here, at Dental City, we do our best to cater to all of these needs and promote products that will result in helping offices create a better work environment.