Are You Listening Yet? 7 Interesting Podcasts for Dental Professionals

Have you joined the podcast craze yet? Instead of tuning to your favorite station or streaming music through their phone, many people are turning to Podcasts on their morning commutes or as a way to wind down after a stressful day.

And with thousands to choose from on topics from history and pop culture to parenting and self-help, it’s no surprise people love this new pastime. And, of course, there is no shortage of podcasts relating to dentistry and the dental industry that are both educational and entertaining.

So whether you’re a seasoned podcast listener or have yet to listen to your first, these seven popular dental podcasts could be just what the doctor—er, dentist—ordered to give insight into industry happenings, new product innovations, marketing strategies and so much more.

  1.  Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
    This all-encompassing dental podcast is powered by the dental experts of DentalTown. This podcast features Dr. Howard Farran interviewing leaders in the dental industry with illuminating and entertaining results. Each podcast is full of wit and wisdom that can help make your practice’s dentistry faster, easier, and higher in quality.
    Listen here.
  2. The Dental Hacks Podcast
    |Looking for something a little more off-the-cuff? This podcast brings just that and takes an irreverent yet informative take on all things happening in the dental industry. Plus, they feature the Dental Hacks Brain Trust—a group of extremely intelligent and humorous dentists who give their no holds barred opinions on the topics at hand.
    Listen here.
  3. Your Dental Success Podcast: Digital Marketing for Dentists
    Want to learn more about effective marketing strategies for your practice but don’t have the time to sit and research ideas for yourself? This podcast, led by founder of The Dental Boost Mike Pederson, features actionable marketing strategies for everything from new patient acquisition to treatment acceptance. Plus, you’ll hear stories from other successful dental professionals on what they did to improve their marketing’s effectiveness.
    Listen here.
  4. Young Dental Life
    If you’re new to dentistry this podcast is great for helping balance the desire to be the perfect dental professional from day one with the reality that there’s a learning curve to your new position in a dental practice. Each insightful episode features interviews with seasoned dental professionals as they talk about their experiences as newbies to the industry—and make it clear that even those at the top didn’t get their start there.
    Listen here.
  5. The Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast
    Always looking for new ways to better understand dental insurance? Give this podcast a try. Dental insurance experts are invited on to share their knowledge to better help practices manager insurance to reduce costs and better care for patients. They share detailed solutions to common insurance problems and give general advice to apply to insurance situations that arise frequently in dental practices.
    Listen here.
  6. The Dentalpreneur
    Dr. Mark Costes hosts this fascinating and informative podcast on what it takes to successfully grown a dental practice. Dr. Costes has made his name as a dental entrepreneur (hence the podcast name) by growing and selling dental practices. But his tips and tricks are just as informative for those looking to grow without selling. Plus, at the heart of this podcast is really just a desire to help dental professionals achieve their full potential—something we can all aspire to.
    Listen here.
  7. Dentist Money
    The financial side of dentistry is often a thorn in the side of many who went into dentistry to care for people. Reese Harper CFP knows this and created this (fastest growing) dental podcast to help make understanding finances more attainable for the average dental practice. Each week he interviews an industry expert to provide insight into debt reduction, tax management, insurance, profitability and so much more.
    Listen here.

The world of dental podcasts is rich with informative content designed to help dental professional succeed and grow in their field. And the ease of listening to them while you’re on the go makes them a great way to fit in a little extra education in even the busiest schedules. If you enjoy any of these we’ve shared or know of other podcasts that you enjoy let us know in the comments!