Better, Faster, Cheaper Syringes: less waste and easier dispensing of your favorite impression material

Want to try something that might make your work a little easier and less time-consuming?

I’ll assume you’re nodding—who wouldn’t want to do that?! (If you’re not I sincerely apologize for the assumption.)

Indigreen’s Better Faster Cheaper Syringes are a great alternative to traditional VPS automix loading techniques.

Unlike a bulky, standard automix gun that requires changing tips and cartridges and ends up wasting impression material, these BFC Syringes simplify and speed up impressions. They allow you to prefill with just the amount of material you need, expel the full amount, and then dispose of the syringe when finished (so no more messy clean up!). Plus, it has a rotatable, angled tip that allows you to easily maneuver in hard-to-reach areas.

Pre-loading is easy—just place any HP impression material cartridge against the BFC double barrel and squeeze. Then push the plunger in partially and slide the top over the tab for an air-tight seal to keep it until you’re ready to use. Having a few pre-loaded syringes ready to go during the day will ensure you can keep things running smoothly.

Now, refer back to my initial question. Still nodding? Good. Go on and try these for yourself! You might just find your next office staple.