Chance Encounters: How One Wedding (and Wedding Party) Wouldn’t Have Been Possible Without Dental City

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled educational and informative content to share a story a little bit different this week—hopefully it brings a smile to your face and gets your week off to a great start!

At Dental City we try our hardest to make our time at work not only productive but fulfilling as well. And for two of our employees that fulfillment came to a peak this May as they exchanged wedding vows. After all, it doesn’t get much more rewarding than finding your future spouse simply by going to work (if we could all be so lucky!).

This duo comes from different sides of the work track—Jason working as part of the IT team and Sarah for the marketing department—but came together after striking up a friendship at the office way back in 2014. And now they’ll be forever thankful for both getting the opportunity to be part of the Dental City family. They got married on a sunny Saturday with more than a few Dental City employees to help them celebrate their big day.

But that’s not the only role Dental City played in this joyous affair. Not only did we bring the happy couple together but also every one of the groomsmen as well! All six of the dapper gentleman became friends after meeting right here at the office. And while a couple of them no longer call Dental City their work home, their friendship is still as strong as ever.

To commemorate the role Dental City played in their big day the happy couple couldn’t pass up the chance to make a quick stop at the office for a photo-op. We think the snapshots turned out fabulously.

And, fortunately, no dresses or suits were harmed in the quest for the perfect Dental City photo.

Photos courtesy of Heather Kessler Photography.