Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences

We’ve got exciting news today.

We’re testing the waters of Continuing Education.

Dental City, along with the dental consulting firm, Dental Practice Advisors, is hosting the Continuing Education event Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences.

This 1.5 day seminar is presented by a speaker from the esteemed Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Over the course of the 1.5 days you and your team will learn the ins and outs of creating exceptional patient experiences that win over patients and set you apart from competing practices.

The seminar is April 28 and 29, which means you have plenty of time to go and register for this one-of-a-kind event!

And to get everyone excited over the next couple months the Dental City blog will be featuring guest posts from the team at Dental Practice Advisors. Go check out the first post, Brand Matters: it’s not what you think, it’s what THEY think, and get pumped!

Dental Practice Advisors is a dental consulting firm in Green Bay, Wis. dedicated to offering dental practices management solutions that will help improve your patient care, work-life balance, and financial success.