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Dandy is the dental lab reimagined. It was created with one goal in mind: to modernize the dental lab process.

Dandy is a completely digital dental lab and is the expert in digital dentistry. Simplify running your dental practice with access to a fully digital dental lab for all your lab needs. Your practice will get a top-of-the-line intraoral scanner, fast turnaround times, and expert training and resources right at your fingertips.


Why you’ll love Dandy Scanner:

•  Full service digital Dental Lab
•  U.S. Based
•  All-in-one scanning solution – a $30,000 value
•  No commitment, no monthly fee
•  Clinical & technical support – direct while in the chair if needed
•  Receive the scanner, laptop & training

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Why Dandy?

Dandy is the fully digital dental lab for dentists who want to level up their practice. They deliver consistent quality & perfect fit through their digital manufacturing process that improves accuracy, decreases order wait times, and increases practice production.

After joining Dandy, dentists see:

Industry-Defining Turnaround Times

Get Zirconia crowns back to your office in 5 business days! All orders are processed with 2-day shipping.

Reduced Chairside Time

Intraoral scanning takes less time & produces a more accurate fit, resulting in less time needed for chairside adjustments & better patient experience.

Consistent, Top-Quality Manufacturing

So you get the highest quality and consistency without the burden of finding and managing multiple labs.

Decrease Chair Time By Up to 20% By Going Digital With Dandy

“Dandy has allowed us to cut down chair time 15%-20%. Now I can see four more patients in my day because I can scan in about a minute, rather than waiting for my impressions to set.”

Dr. Ashley Ciapciak