Dental Clinic Opens for Patients Below Poverty Line

In Clevenland, TN things got just a bit brighter for some residents of Bradley County

The Karis Dental Clinic has recently opened and offers low-cost dental services to those in the area living below the poverty line. A variety of dental procedures, such as tooth extractions, fillings, and cleanings are performed for a flat fee of $20.

Run by Dr. James Ohlsson, who thanks to a United Way grant can practice dentistry for low-income patients full time, the clinic has already made a difference for many. One woman had suffered major tooth pain from teeth that needed to be pulled but without a job or insurance couldn’t afford it. However, the Karis clinic was able to offer her the services she needed for a healthy, pain-free smile for only $15.

In its first month alone (it opened the beginning of September), the clinic already performed $85,000 worth of dental work on 40 patients who otherwise would have had to go without.

This clinic stands to have a hugely positive impact on Bradley County where a reported 12,000 people live below the poverty line.

To read the full story on the Karis Dental Clinic and see a video report click here.