Have You Tried the Latest Innovations from Kerr Restoratives?

One of our goals here at Dental City is to help keep you and your team informed on what’s new in the dental world and how new products and innovations can benefit your practice. So today we wanted to talk about some new products from Kerr.

Kerr Restoratives has released two new products in 2017—Harmonize™ Universal Composite and OptiBond™ Universal Adhesive. These products both feature innovative technology to help you achieve exceptional results during restorative procedures.

Harmonize Univeral Composite

Harmonize Universal Composite features Adaptive Responsive Technology (ART) that makes achieving lifelike restorations easy. It combines remarkable aesthetics, exceptional handling, and superior strength into one composite material, making it a great addition to your practice.

The ART filler network has high loading and a spherical shape that minimizes stickiness and provides an adaptive viscosity for easy handling and shaping. Plus, it features adaptive reflection for a chameleon effect that helps it naturally blend into the surrounding tooth surface for a look patients will love. It’s designed to be more reactive with resin for efficient polymerization, for long-lasting restorations. And it polishes easily and has high gloss retention for aesthetics that last as long as the restoration.

OptiBond Universal

And the latest to come from Kerr Restoratives is their new universal bonding agent OptiBond Universal, a single-component light cure universal adhesive. Kerr explains that this universal bond adheres to enamel, dentin and common substrates during both direct and indirect applications—even metal-based restorations when used with NX3 Resin Cement.

With Kerr’s proven GPDM adhesive monomer and filler technology, this bond will provide deep penetration into the dentin for superior bond strength and protection against microleakage and post-op sensitivity. Plus, it creates a deeper etch for higher mechanical retention during procedures.

If you’re looking for a bond that delivers exceptional strength for a wide variety of procedures OptiBond Universal is worth a try.

Both of these new products from Kerr can enhance your restorative procedure experience. Call us to learn more about them and give them a try!