How to get motivated at work when work is the last thing you want to do

Even for those of us lucky enough to love our jobs, we all know those days.

Those days when getting out of bed seems impossible. When tackling your morning commute is the last thing you want to do. When the first thing you do when you get to work is calculate the number of hours you have left. When you feel anything but motivated.

But life goes on. And we need to as well.

So how in the world can you motivate yourself at work when work is the last thing on your mind? Read on, friends.

  1. Start your morning quickly. That’s right. No snoozing, snuggling, or lollygagging. As soon as your alarm rings get up and at ‘em. The more you give in to the lethargy the worse it will get.
  2. Use your morning routine for mental preparation. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably got your morning routine down to a science by now. And often find yourself half sleep walking through it. So, on days where you feel your worst, don’t give in. Instead start thinking about what you need to do once you get into the office and how you want your day to go.
  3. Appreciate the significance of what you do. Take a moment at the start of your day to think about your job. You directly affect the health of all the patients in your practice. They depend on your for your care and expertise. It’s easy to get bogged down by routine, so don’t let yourself forget what you do matters!
  4. Force yourself to be social. Often just engaging in a conversation with someone—whether they’re a fellow team member or a patient—can lift you out of a funk. A conversation is a mental stimulation that pulls you outside yourself and refocuses your energy, meaning motivation will come easier.
  5. Set goals for yourself. Obviously, even when you’re not motivated you’re still going to do your job. People are depending on you, after all. But sometimes knowing your needed isn’t enough. So take some time to evaluate where you’re at. Maybe this isn’t a one-day funk. If you’re noticing a lack of motivation more often than not perhaps you need a new challenge. Try tackling a new CE course or offer to take on an additional role at your practice. Add something you can strive for to help find the motivation you’ve been missing!