How to Unlock the Full Potential of Millennial Team Members

Currently the largest generational population, millenials are poised to be a significant part of the future of your dental practice. That means hiring, retaining and motivating them is essential to having continued success because recognizing their talents and allowing them to make a difference is of key importance. Understanding and embracing the unique optimistic nature of this group of people will have an immediate positive effect on your office culture.

Our team at Dental City is largely made up of those from the millennial generation (born from 1982-2002). Our recruiting strategy is strongly centered on our relationships with local colleges and universities, and our work culture complements the typical strengths of this generation. This sets us up for a future of continued success as these team members continue to grow into their positions and enjoy the work they do.

Has your practice embraced the millennial generation? Whether you already have or are still working on striking a balance between your senior staff members and new and enthusiastic employees, it’s crucial to understand how to motivate them. These team members want to feel a real connection with their workplace and that their work serves a purpose.

With these tips you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of millennial employees and take your office to the next level.

  1. Make success a team affair
    Millennials thrive on the success of not only themselves but also their peers, and in fact, many would rather see their friend succeed rather than achieve success themselves. Use this to your advantage by putting in front of them team goals, rather than pitting them in competition against one another.
  2. Have a practice growth strategy and share the vision with your team
    Millennials love being a part of something bigger. Their selflessness is a strength as long as you use it correctly. Be transparent in your goals and your performance as a whole. Show them the direction of the office, share with them growth plans and be open to their ideas, and keep in mind how they can positively influence your patients’ experience at your practice. If they understand where you want to go they’ll help you get there any way they can.
  3. Give back to your community
    Philanthropy is important. Millennials want to participate in events that will improve the community. Your office could participate in different community functions like public health events. Allow your employees the option to contribute to a charity of their desire or run an office contest that will raise money to donate to a different charity each month. Give them half the day off to speak at a school or attend a local event. Each of these small acts gives them a greater sense of purpose and deeper engagement with your practice.
  4. Provide a good work life balance
    Millennials appreciate work-life balance and experiences more than money and things. Offer vacation, allow for realistic hours, and when they leave work let them leave work. Don’t ask them to work outside their scheduled hours or without much notice unless it’s absolutely unavoidable and avoid attaching work email to personal devices. The more they can enjoy their time outside of work the more engaged they will be when actually at the office.

Most of these tips don’t cost a lot of time or money and can easily be incorporated into your existing office practices. Our guess is you are already doing many of  these things in a different way and adapting how you approach them could be a nice win for the entire office. And with the result being increased employee satisfaction and engagement it’s definitely worth your while to revisit or start applying them to your day-to-day routine.

Millenials are going to play a large part in the future or your practice, so it’s up to you to embrace that and ensure that they contribute their best work to the continued success of your dental office. We’ve seen firsthand how this group of talented individuals has helped Dental City see continued growth—now it’s your turn.