Increase Revenue with these 8 simple procedures

Today we’ve given a face lift to one of our most popular articles. So, no, it’s not déjà vu—you might have seen this information before. But with us getting new readers every day we thought it was high time we dusted it  off, added some additional relevant information, and shared it again to give you all some great revenue-producing ideas!

If you’ve done all the work to tighten up expenses, now’s the time to find a few surefire ways to see increased revenue without adding to the office work load. And,  fortunately, you can start seeing a revenue boost without needing to create an elaborate new practice strategy or consulting with a financial expert (although both those things would be helpful if you’re really struggling).

To start increasing revenue you just need a talented staff (and we know you’ve got that) who can perform these 8 procedures. Explain the benefits they offer to your practice and educate your team on how to offer them to eligible patients.

Athletic mouth guards
Pressure-laminated mouth guards are relatively easy to make (once trained on how to do it) and offer great protection for active patients. Offer them to patients as part of their routine check-up. Your team can explain the importance of mouth guards to patients (statistics would be especially helpful) and how a custom fit offers greater protection than store-bought.

Desensitize external tooth surfaces
Sensitive teeth are no fun for patients, especially when the sensitivity reaches the point of affecting their eating and drinking habits. After trying unsuccessful home remedies, many are willing to pay a reasonable fee to have the problem taken care of in the office. Patients want relief, and with proper explanation of the procedure will happily consider the option.

Local periodontal antibiotics
When certain areas of the gums don’t respond to traditional scaling and root planing, a local antibiotic can make a significant difference in oral health as they help fight the bacteria that leads to gum disease. This is especially helpful for patients who don’t come in for regular visits. They tend to have more issues with gum health and need a solution.

Occlusal splints
For patients who grind their teeth the damage can be severe. Placing an occlusal splint can decrease tooth grinding and prevent further damage by helping to align the jaw properly. They want relief from this unintentional bad habit and will thank you for giving it to them!

Preventive appointments
Patients often need more extensive preventive care than just a cleaning at each check in appointment, so adding something, such as a fluoride treatment, can help pad your bottom line and keeps patients’ teeth healthier.

Sealant placement
We don’t know of any patient who doesn’t want to prevent cavities, so offering sealant placement at an appointment generally isn’t too hard of a sell. And don’t offer sealants to younger patients only—people benefit from the protection of sealants at any age.

Tackle snoring issues
So many people snore (and have sleeping partners who are less than thrilled about it), so discuss the issue with them and suggest appliances that can decrease the snoring. This will be a win for patients and their family members!

Tooth whitening
With so much emphasis placed on having a perfectly white smile these days, many patients are willing to spend a little extra for professional whitening products and services. Plus, with so many options out there you’ll find one that works for their lifestyle and budget.

Having these revenue-increasing procedures in your arsenal is a great way to keep your practice profitable while showing patients the greatest level of care. Try out a few (or all) that you’re not doing and see how they can help you see more revenue!