Introducing Great White #2: the Best Just Got Better

SS White has long been a leader in the development of top of the line burs. Their Great White Series of burs has become a staple in many dental offices—and now it’s even better.

Great White #2 cuts 33% faster than before and 43% faster than standard 1557s. Not to mention the new design of the Great White is 82% less likely to experience breakage when cutting hard material, semi-precious and non-precious metals, amalgam, and porcelain.

With the new Great White #2 one bur can remove two to three crowns versus needing two or three burs to remove one crown. Also, the fast cutting rate Great Whites experience in amalgam, PFM, and non-precious metals can help save the doctor up to 12 hours in a year. You really can’t beat that!

So maybe think about taking the new Great White #2 for a spin—after all, who doesn’t want to work faster and smarter?

SS White data on file upon request