Introducing Prime&Bond active™ Universal Adhesive
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Prime&Bond active™ Universal Adhesive is the newest dental adhesive from Dentsply Sirona. It builds upon the technology and performance of its predecessor Prime&Bond elect™ with a formula that ensures complete coverage and penetration—even at varying moisture levels on the tooth surface.

Featuring patented Active-Guard Technology, Prime&Bond active provides users with well balanced hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, to achieve a reliable bond on even overly wet or dry dentin. This actively guards against the leading causes of adhesive failure and helps ensure successful treatment outcomes.

How does Active-Guard work?

Simply put, most dental adhesives are comparatively hydrophobic, which means they tend to separate from moisture. When prepared restorative surfaces are too moist, the adhesive can’t achieve full coverage of the surface because it separates from the too-moist spots and leaves gaps without adhesive. And, conversely, if the surface is too dry, collagen fibers on the restorative surface collapse and prevent effective sealing to the bond.

Prime&Bond active Active-Guard Technology works to counteract the effects of too much or too little moisture to provide more complete and even surface coverage for the most reliable adhesion between tooth surface and restorative material.

Other benefits of Prime&Bond active

Beyond this new bond technology, users will benefit from these other features:

  • Use with all etching methods and indications
  • Low film thickness for reduced pooling and misfit of restorations
  • Virtually no post-op sensitivity
  • Convenience & control
    • Easy-to-open flip-top cap
    • Low viscosity to control material use & placement
    • Relaxed working time (usable for 30 minutes in a closed CliXdish)

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