It’s not too late. Enriching courses still available at the 2016 Midwinter Meeting

If you’ve found yourself in middle of February, wondering where the last few months have gone and how the big show could have snuck up on you so quickly, don’t fret!

The CDA’s Annual Midwinter meeting is just weeks away, but a wide variety of courses are still available.

You’ve still got time to enroll in courses (many still at no cost!) and plan a great Midwinter meeting for your practice. (And maybe even run into us Dental City folks while you’re at it! We’re there every year.)

Here are some course highlights still open:

  1. Best options, techniques for esthetic restorative dentistry. Compare concepts, materials, and techniques for all the major esthetically desired, restorative procedures. ($90.00, 3 CE Credits, Presented by Gordon Christensen, DDS)
  2. I have it, you need it. What’s hot and what’s getting hotter. Take a look at exciting new products for 2016. ($90.00, 3 CE credits, presented by Howard Glazer, DDS)
  3. How to move patients from denial to action. Learn how to get patients to accept the treatment they need—without nagging or scaring. ($90.00, 3 CE Credits, Presented by Mary Osborne, RDH)
  4. What is the future of Dentistry? Learn how PPOs work and how they impact the dental profession. ($0.00, presented by W. Charles Blair, DDS)
  5. Tricks, Techniques for Children & Special Needs Dental Patients. Learn how to make your practice open to all patients. ($0.00, 3 CE credits, presented by Fred Margolis, DDS)
  6. It’s the patient’s insurance but my paycheck depends on it. Learn the ins and outs of patient benefit plans and the value of phased treatment planning. ($0.00, 3 CE Credits, Presented by Tom Limoli, Consultant, BS)
  7. Local Anesthetic Administration for Hygienists. For any hygienists or assistants who assist doctors with or are able to administer local anesthesia in their states that want an update on the concept. ($90.00, 3 CE credits, Presented by Susan Bordenave-Bishop, DDS)

There are also many field-specific courses still available! For a full list of courses open go here and sort by “status.”