New Silver Diamine Fluoride Product Treats without Staining

Innovative Riva Star SDF Remains a Smart Choice for Dental Practices

Three years after its introduction to the U.S. dental marketing, Riva Star SDF (silver diamine fluoride) is still a top choice desensitizing agent for dental professionals—and for good reason. Its unique ability to immediately relieve sensitivity and continue to relieve it for two years plus without the staining typically associated with silver diamine fluoride products continues to provide clinicians and patients with excellent outcomes.

While Riva Star’s primary indication is as a desensitizing agent, silver diamine fluoride has known antibacterial properties that help stop tooth decay by killing oral bacteria. This makes it an essential tool of clinicians practicing Minimally Invasive Dentistry (MID) as it can help to preserve tooth structure before the need for more extensive restorative procedures arise.

Dentists can also apply Riva Star to the tooth surface to help increase the bond strength of a restoration when using glass ionomers.

How Riva Star Minimizes Staining

Thanks to its innovative two-step application process, the dark stains associated with other silver diamine fluoride products are a thing of the past.

First, you apply the silver diamine fluoride solution to the tooth surface. Then you follow that with a potassium iodide solution, which forms a silver iodide precipitate that is a creamy white color. This is rinsed off, leaving no unsightly stains behind for an aesthetic finish.

How Riva Star Minimizes Staining

If used for caries treatment, Riva Star is best suited for small caries to help stop the spread of decay. For larger or more advanced caries, more than one application may be needed for full effectiveness.

However, as noted its primary indication is for desensitizing, which it does exceptionally well. Patients will get immediate and long-lasting relief from sensitivity with Riva Star. If you haven’t added this to your standard supply list already, now’s the time to give it a try.

Bonus Tip:

As of Jan 1, 2021 D1355 “primary prevention code” can be used when applying SDF products like Riva Star for insurance filing.