No Better Surprise: Young Dad Gets a Makeover That Leaves Him Smiling for First Time in Years

Dillon Moore, a young father from Texas, spent years hiding his teeth—even his young children had never really seen him smile. A quick perusal of his social media pages showed the same unwillingness to share the damaged and decayed teeth he had kept a secret for so many years. In his own words he “hadn’t smiled since he was a kid without a hand over his face.”

Dr. Kenny Wilstead, a fellow Texan and well-respected dentist, happened upon Moore’s Facebook page one day and noticed his apparent self-consciousness and reached out with a generous offer—he would fix Moore’s teeth free of charge. He’d done it before for patients and was always willing to offer his services to others in need.

However, Moore quickly let him know that he couldn’t take off work for the procedure. Dr. Wilstead thought that was that.

Until one day a year later when he found Moore in his office to fix a toothache. His employer had given him the day off for the procedure. Moore didn’t recognize the generous doctor who had reached out to him a year earlier, but Dr. Wilstead immediately remembered this special patient.

Not letting on what he knew Dr. Wilstead started the procedure as if it would be the simple extraction Moore was expecting. But instead of pulling just the one painful tooth, in two hours he gave Moore a whole new smile.

As for Moore when he found out what the generous dentist had done he was blown away with the results. After the big reveal, Moore couldn’t help shedding happy tears while telling Dr. Wilstead “I was wondering what was taking so long.”

Now Moore has a brand new set of pearly whites and his kids are ecstatic to see him truly smiling for the first time. It’s a happy ending to an offer that stood open for a year.

Watch the full video of the emotional reveal right here.

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