Not All Patients Are Created Equal: How to Market to Your Ideal Patient

Last week we discussed how not all new patients are the right new patients. To truly grow your practice and achieve goals you need to acquire patients that add value to your practice by showing up for appointments (on time), being receptive to your treatment suggestions, and more.

In part one of our “right patient” discussion we went over how to identify your ideal patient(s). This is what sets the groundwork for future patient acquisition strategies.

Once you understand the traits that make up your ideal patient you then build your marketing strategies around targeting these individuals. That’s where the real fun—and potential for growth—comes in!

How to market your ideal patient(s)

Now that you know what your ideal patient looks like (or patients—there may be a few customer groups you’d like to connect with) it’s time to create marketing that is in tune with that target group. There are a few effective and fairly simple ways to do this.

First, enlist the power of your relationships with current favorite customers to encourage word of mouth marketing via referrals. This can be as simple as saying something like “Thanks for stopping in today—we always love seeing you. Remember if you know anyone in need of dentistry we’re always here to help!” This isn’t pushy at all but leaves it open for your favorite patients to recommend you to their friends and family. Or you can set up a referral program that gives referring patients a small incentive when the new patient calls and then a larger incentive when that new patient comes in for the first or second visit and establishes their “good patient” status.

When it comes to traditional marketing like print or radio ads don’t simply speak about your practice. A postcard stating you’re “One of the top dentists” in your community won’t receive too much buzz from anyone you send it to. But a postcard proclaiming your ability to “Transform smiles with the latest in tooth whitening technology” can resonate a great deal with a target audience of patients who not only care about the health of their teeth but the look as well. Keep your focus narrow to attract patients as close to your ideal as possible. Or create a few post

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how to reach new patients digitally. One of the best ways to attract your ideal patients is to share things that connect with your current favorite patients. For example, if current patients have expressed an appreciation for community service you’ve done in the past make a commitment to having your dental team volunteer together three times a year and share your work on social media. You can also add value and attract the right patients for your practice by sharing relevant information on a blog and ensuring your online presence via patient reviews is positive and accurate.

No matter where you are at with your strategy to attract new patients it’s never too late to make some adjustments to help ensure you’re making quality connections and finding those patients who add value to your practice. Whether that means small incremental changes to your marketing or reaching out to work with a dental marketing professional you’ll feel good knowing you’re working to reach your practice’s full potential.