Order History - Dental City Blog

You joined the dental field because you wanted to help patients, NOT be inventory managers. And we’ve got your back on that.

That’s where DentalCity.com Order History comes into play. We want to keep track of all the supplies you order and when you order them so you don’t have to. After all, when you’re ordering hundreds of supplies just to keep your office up and running, keeping on top of them is no easy feat.

Your online order history lists every item from every order you’ve made in the last year, whether it was over the phone or online. That means we can remember everything for you—so when you need to reorder it’s all right there. All you’ll need to do is open a past order and click “Copy to Your Cart.”

We’ve worked hard to make your job easy. Just follow these three steps.

  1. Login to your DentalCity.com account
  2. Click on “Order History” in the left bar (under Orders)
  3. Find the order you’re looking for (they’re all sorted by date)

At this point, you can either copy the entire order to your cart or click on an individual product to go to the product details page. From there it’s off to the checkout or send your order to your rep.

With our Order History system, you’ll see all your ordering details, from your standard order last week to that new composite you tried six months ago and are now dying to use again—if only you could remember the name! Whatever you’re missing, whenever you need it, we’ve got it all at DentalCity.com.

And that means you can spend more of your time doing what you really love—taking care of patients.