Proposing to a Dental Assistant? This Guy's Got it Right

It appears that gone are the days when proposals were simple, not requiring much thought beyond whether or not the ground was suitable for getting down on one knee. Instead, today many proposals are turned into elaborate affairs caught on camera for the happy couple to look back on for years to come.

Such is the case with Tanner and Bri. After one of Bri’s coworkers had a dream Tanner should propose at the dental clinic where she worked, he got to scheming. With help from the doctor and some co-workers he came up with the perfect plan: come in for an appointment to check on some “tooth pain” and give Bri the surprise of her life. So a proposal, complete with an x-ray of the ring and a dental bib with “Marry me?” written on it, commenced. And—spoiler alert—she said yes!

Prepare yourself for the ensuing adorableness and watch the whole proposal below!