Reminder: 3M Health Care is Now Solventum
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Dental City is dedicated to keeping dental professionals in the know with industry news. We are sharing this announcement from Solventum to ensure you are fully informed on the change from 3M Healthcare to Solventum that went into effect on April 1, 2024. This is an ongoing transition, and we will continue to share any key updates going forward. Below is a letter from Solventum, formerly 3M Health Care, that shares details of this change.

Embarking on a new chapter – introducing Solventum, formerly 3M Health Care

We are excited to share 3M Health Care is now officially known as Solventum following the separation from 3M on April 1. We’re a new healthcare company focused on its mission, “enabling better, smarter, safer healthcare to improve lives.”

Solventum is powered by its more than 70 years of innovation, creating breakthrough solutions, market leading positions, trusted, recognized brands, and strong relationships with more than 100,000 customers and channel partners in over 90 countries.

Our name, logo and colors were purposefully designed to communicate how we will show up in the markets we serve.

What inspired the name “Solventum?”
Our name, Solventum, originates from two words: “solving” and “momentum.”

“Solving” captures our dedication to finding breakthrough solutions. We will listen closely to healthcare professionals and never stop solving for them – and the many lives they enhance around the world.

“Momentum” symbolizes swifter, nimbler innovation. As we build on every achievement, large and small, our momentum propels us past barriers, toward breakthroughs.

What does our new logo convey?
Our new logo takes inspiration from our drive to never stop solving and transforms the “S” from our name into an expressive symbol of limitlessness. It conveys the responsive, imaginative and caring approach we take in tackling our customers’ toughest challenges.

What color represents our brand?
Our new color is green. The vibrant, bright green captures our imaginative energy from solving complex challenges and the richer, deeper green represents our caring, people-first nature.

We look forward to serving our customers during this exciting time.

Best regards,
Your Solventum Dental Solutions Team