Temporary Office Closure Checklist

Preparing your office for closing:

  • Turn off nitrous units & O2 Tanks
  • Turn vacuum off but confirm electricity is still supplied to the system (some brands
    perform periodic cycles)
  • Shut off power to air compressor units
  • Swap out amalgam separator cartridge if new one is available (to avoid hardening)
  • Drain all ultrasonic cleaners & remove any instruments
  • Clean & drain sterilizers, leave them empty & unplug to avoid power surges
  • Clean model trimmer & run water through to avoid plaster buildup
  • Lubricate & sterilize all handpieces (including slow speed motors & attachments)
  • Perform shock treatment on delivery system water lines & flush system following
    guidelines from the manufacturer
  • Remove & empty all self-contained water bottles & flush lines until empty & free of water
  • Turn off power to all dental units
  • Disassemble, clean & lubricate vacuum valves & O-rings on HVE & SE valves
  • Turn off all x-rays and unplug pano/cone beam from wall
  • Remove all handheld x-ray batteries from charging cradles
  • Drain all water from reservoir tank in milling units & replace with fresh water, run the
    water pump for one minute or until water stops, then remove & drain reservoir
  • Clean all vacuum lines & solids collectors
  • Turn off x-rays, sterilizers, prophy jets, scalers, etc.
  • Empty reservoirs & carafes in water distillers & allow to air dry
  • Empty refrigerator in breakroom if you have one
  • Run or perform backup of server
  • Turn off computer peripherals (scanners, speakers, printers, etc.)
  • Keep on servers & backup drive systems, phones, fax machines & security systems

While you are gone:

  • Return every 3-4 days to turn on the vacuum & compressor, run warm water through the
    vac lines & leave running for at least 15 minutes
  • Turn on sink at plaster trap & model trimmer for a few minutes to keep from drying out
  • Run water in cuspidors & all sinks to prevent traps from drying out
  • Turn off all water valves (if you have a wet vacuum, remember turn it back on when you
    are back in the office)

We know every dental office is a little bit different, so extra resources are always helpful. For further information, check out this printable checklist from the Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA).