The 4 key components of exceptional patient service

A few weeks ago Dental City co-hosted a CE event called Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences.

From the masters of customer service at the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, participants in the event learned how incorporating superior patient service into their practice would set them apart from competition and generate word-of-mouth marketing to attract new patients.

One of the major take-aways from the 1.5 day session was the four foundations of excellent service. These are basic tips that will make sure your team is doing everything they can to give your patients exceptional service and keep old and new patients coming back.

  1. Service has to be the number one priority in your office.
    Sure, it’s nice to make money. And it may be tempting to rush through appointments just to produce a little more during the day. But that’s a short sighted plan. At the end of the day good, loyal patients are what keep practices up and running. And without first rate service your patients won’t stick around for long—so their experience in your practice has to be your focus.
  2. Your attitude is everything
    Your patients are the boss. Their wants and needs come first and that has to come through in the way you treat them. Greet them like an old friend. Make them feel welcome and safe. They’re paying for your services, so without getting something in return (a great experience!) they’ll look elsewhere for their dental work.
  3. The old cliché is true—consistency is key
    Generally patients come into the office a few times a year at most. That means that they expect top-notch service every time they walk into your practice. While you may be having a bad day or simply feel bogged down by routine, that doesn’t mean you can let your service slip for a day. A patient could have had a dozen wonderful appointments with you, but as soon as they have a bad one that’s what they’ll remember. So by making sure to always provide exceptional service, you’ll have happier patients.
  4. Teamwork makes everything better
    It’s easy to fall into the “that’s not my job” excuse when things aren’t going well or to only focus on getting your job done without regard for the rest of your team. But that is not going to create the best patient experience. Instead, your office should be a group of people all working together to make each other look good. By focusing on the end goal rather than just getting your job done, everyone—especially your patients—will benefit.