Two New Advancements for Direct Procedures from GC

NEW_G-Premio_BOND_PackshotG-ænial™ Sculpt is a universal composite featuring high density, uniform dispersion nano-filler technology that is easy to shape and sculpt prior to light curing. It was developed as a companion product to G-ænialTM Universal Flow using the same technology with identical size particle throughout the resin matrix. Unlike many composites with varied particle size where one large particle plucking from the matrix can both dull and impact strength and wear resistance of the restoration, the uniform 300nm barium glass nano-filler present in G-ænial Sculpt prevents this from occurring. This allows the product to exhibit excellent wear resistance, an easy to achieve, brilliant, initial polish, high gloss retention and ideal handling properties. A unique, self-polishing/self-shining effect enables a continued increase in polish after placement with daily tooth brushing! In addition to its wear resistance and polish, G-ænial Sculpt is very radiopaque (over 300% to Al) and available in 17 shades. Shop for this product here.

NEW_G-aenial_Sculpt_PackshotG-Premio Bond™ is a universal (8th generation), single component, light-cured bonding agent that is compatible with total-etch, self-etch and selective etch techniques providing excellent versatility for all classes of direct restorations. Placement is fast and consistent with an application time of only 25 to 35 seconds (depending on type of curing light used) before placing composite resin. The formula has been completely updated, including the addition of MDP monomer for better chemical adhesion to zirconia, alumina and other non-precious metals; increasing water content to dissolve and remove the smear layer better; and increasing the amount of carboxylic monomer to keep the pH acidic. In addition to better performance, this change also increases operatory working time (up to 5 minutes). It is recommended for use in the following indications: direct bonding of light-cured composites and compomers to tooth structure, intraoral repair of composite, metal-based and zirconia/alumina-based restorations, in combination with G-CEM LinkAceTM resin cement for the bonding indirect restoration where light curing is possible, treatment of hypersensitive teeth and sealing of tooth preparation (cavity or abutment) for indirect resortations. Also, it is ideal for use in indirect indications with its very low film thickness (3 µm). G-Premio BondTM is available in a 5 mL bottle with a new silicone cover to enable more precise drop by drop dispensing to eliminate waste as well as a 50-count unit dose pack (0.16 mL each). Shop for this product here.

This article was written by Rob Gochoel, Senior Product Manager for Composite Restoratives and Bonding Agents at GC America.