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Build your order quickly and easily by reviewing products you ordered already! Simply add the appropriate quantity to each product. Then, click “Add All” at the top of the list. Or, you can just click “Add to Cart” each time you enter a quantity for a product.

At Dental City, your account manager is consistently looking for ways to help save you time and money. When you place orders online you can send your order to your account manager to review before the order is placed. They review the order to ensure you are taking advantage of all possible savings, then send it to be fulfilled. Just like a great sidekick, they are always looking out for you.

For those times when you need a reminder about what was purchased, you can easily log into your Dental City online account to help you remember. Your online account provides a list of all your orders, whether you placed them online or over the phone.

At updating the email, username, or password for your online account is fast and easy—because we know you’ve got important work to get back to.

Manage Users. Give, edit, and take away access to your account as needed.