Video Resources

Video Resources

Watch any or all of these helpful videos to help stay up to date on all things related to COVID-19 and its effect on dental practices. We’ll continue to add more video resources, so be sure to check back regularly.

Coronavirus impact on dental practices: Paving the road to recovery

Expert dental consultant, Dr. Roger Levin, sheds light on what practices can do in their down time to help bounce back as quickly as possible when they resume normal patient care.

Small Business Administration Loans: Understanding the Options for Dentist Owners

ADA answered questions about two Small Business Administration loan options available for dental practice owners: the Economic Injury Disaster Loan and Paycheck Protection Program Loan (PPP). Learn more about how to apply and how they must be utilized.

Q&A: COVID-19 Transmission and Emergency Care

The Q&A discussion with Dr. Mia Geisinger, Dr. Marcelo Araujo and Dr. Dave Preble covers a range of topics including the use of personal protective equipment, coordinating care with other members of the medical community and the future of infection control in dentistry.

What Dental Procedures Are Recommended to Avoid Generating Aerosols?

Can the American Dental Association’s interim guidance to minimize the transmission of COVID-19 be modified to include recommended procedures to avoid the generation of aerosols?

What Other Personal Protective Equipment Options Are Available to Dentists

With surgical masks and N95 respirators difficult to find, is there any alternative personal protective equipment (PPE) that dental professionals can use? Will face shields and N95 respirators be the new standard for PPE in dentistry?

How to Advise a COVID-19 Patient with a Dental Emergency

What should dentists tell COVID-19-positive patients with a dental emergency? Dr. Mia Geisinger discusses why patients who are COVID-19 positive or are under investigation and have a dental emergency should contact the emergency department by phone to arrange for care.

COVID-19 Considerations for the Future

Infection control experts discuss how to prepare for when practices resume seeing patients for elective procedures.

COVID-19: What to Do if a Patient or Dental Staff Tests Positive

Short summary of the steps your practice will need to take if a patient or team member tests positive for COVID-19.

COVID-19: How Dentists Can Help Stop the Spread

Strategies for helping slow the spread of COVID-19 while still connecting with patients.

COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures for the Dental Operatory

Answers the question of what additional disinfecting and sanitizing procedures you should implement in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Should Dentists Have Patients Use Hydrogen Peroxide or Providone Mouthrinses Before Procedures?

In relation to rinse protocols, is there evidence informing the use of hydrogen peroxide and povidone related to their effect on viruses like COVID-19?