What We’re Thankful For this Year

As we gear up to spend the day with family and friends, ruminating on all the things we’re grateful for this year personally, we thought there was no better time to share those things that our Dental City family has appreciated most throughout the year.

We’re fortunate to be part of an organization that works tirelessly to serve not only its customers but its employees and community as well. And the fact that they throw in a few free lunches here and there doesn’t hurt either.  But when we really sit back and think about our year so far, these are the things we’re most grateful for.

  1. Our Ability to Give Back
    At Dental City everyone is encouraged to give back to those in need. We’re happy to support the DTA Foundation each year at their annual auction and other events to make sure we’re working to remedy issues facing oral health and dentistry in the U.S. And closer to home we created an initiative this year that took us out into our community to work with other volunteers at charitable organizations, most notably in this event to help ensure no child goes hungry. Additionally, we have an annual fundraiser for the Freedom House Ministries, a local organization designed to help people regain independence after homelessness – this year we’re set to donate over $25,000! These acts of giving remind us all that no matter how big or small the act is it can still make a significant impact on the life of someone in need.
  2. Our Dental City Family
    Dental City is unlike any other place to work. The friendships and camaraderie we find here make it fun to come to work each day. Whether it’s meeting in the break room for a quick chat over morning coffee with a few co-workers or gathering together for a team lunch to celebrate reaching a new company milestone, there’s a sense of belonging. Not to mention the fun contests and events throughout the year (have you seen this year’s Costume Contest??) that ensure there’s a great balance between hard work and play.
  3. Our Manufacturer and Vendor Partners
    What we do wouldn’t be possible without the support of the hundreds of manufacturers we work with every day and the local and national vendors who help keep our business running smoothly. From helping us ensure the products we need are on our shelves to assisting with customer questions, our manufacturers are there for us and our customers every day. And our vendors who help with everything from marketing initiatives to building maintenance keep us operating at our best.
  4. Our Customers
    Last but certainly not least we are so grateful for you, our loyal customers. We’re thankful you’ve trusted us to be your supplier partner and have a small part in your mission to care for the oral health of those in your communities. We appreciate that you challenge us and keep us on our toes as we strive to find new ways to serve you better and provide you the support you need to do what you really love—take care of your patients. And we appreciate the calls, emails, and texts that not only include the products you need but small insights into your daily lives. Because of that, you’ve become more than customers—you’ve become friends. And it is a great joy to work with you every day.

We could go on—there’s an endless list of things to be thankful for as this year draws to a close—but these are the ones we consider most important. Thank you for another great year and Happy Thanksgiving!