Why do people dream about their teeth falling out?

I know—it’s a strange question. But one we’re not afraid to ask here at Dental City.

Apparently, this kind of dream is a common occurrence for many people. In fact, as I began my research on the topic Google eagerly filled in my search “why do you dream” with the suggestions “why do you dream about teeth” and “why do you dream about losing teeth.”

And the results returned certainly left me with a lot to wade through. But a few interpretations seemed to pop up over and over again.

Your mind is literally trying to tell you something about your teeth.

For a lot of people, these dreams are an indication that something is amiss with your dental health. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring a toothache or have felt increased sensitivity to hot food and drinks. If that’s the case your subconscious could be telling you to schedule a trip to your dentist—even if your conscious self-thinks you’re just fine!

You are highly anxious and feel something is out of your control.

Anxiety shows itself in many ways. And while it may seem that anxiety and teeth don’t share a connection, consider this: your teeth are something extremely important to your overall quality of life (because, well, you need to eat!) and to a good self-image. A dream in which you lose your teeth forces you to work through the anxiety of something you have no control over. You are experiencing the anxious emotions you feel when you’re awake in a more direct, physical way. By going through these emotions subconsciously you may feel better prepared to tackle them when you’re awake.

Depending on the culture, you either fear or embrace aging.

In our culture we have a tendency to cling to our youth, dreading the day we finally become “old” (whenever that may be). So dreams of losing teeth may symbolize that fear, focusing in on the negative aspects of aging—physical ailments, inability to be self-sufficient, and a loss of perceived attractiveness. Consciously we may push the idea of aging from our minds, but while sleeping your brain explores the things you try to suppress.

Conversely, in other cultures where those of a more advanced age are revered for their wisdom, dreams of losing teeth can be a sign of acceptance of and eagerness to meet old age.

You are simply afraid of losing your teeth.

Nothing like leaving the most obvious for last! Our dreams often reflect our real-life fears. (Trust me. At this point, I’ve lost count of the number of dreams about spiders I’ve had!) So if you’ve lost a tooth (that you weren’t supposed to) before or are terrified at the prospect of losing one, you are much more likely to dream about it happening. After all, dreams, while appearing random, are a result of your own thoughts and experiences.

And there you have it. Some trivia you never knew you wanted but now can pass along to others. You’re welcome!