Why your office (really) needs an office manager

Let’s be real. 99% (give or take a bit—I’m using a bit of dramatic flair) of people working in a dental office went to school for one thing: dentistry.

But not only is a dental office a dental office, it’s also a legit business with processes, regulations, and finances that all need to be maintained.

That makes working in and (especially) running one a little more interesting…

Enter the office manager. They will be everyone’s right-hand man (or woman) when it comes to behind the scenes upkeep of a successful practice. And here’s why:

  1. One person to rule it all (sort of).
    While the owner of the practice is the real ruler of the roost, your office manager will be the one to maintain the order on a daily basis. They’ll be in charge of keeping internal processes (billing, numbers monitoring, supply ordering, marketing, etc.) running smoothly, so that everyone else can focus on caring for patients.
  2. Business know-how.
    More than likely your office manager will not have in-depth clinical dental knowledge. But they’ll make up for it by understanding the complexities of running a business like most on your team won’t. Having someone who knows how to handle your finances, insurance, human resources issues, and more means your practice will thrive. Your office manager’s ability to handle the ever-changing way dental offices need to conduct themselves (like digital patient records or PPO plans) means maximizing the amount of time the rest of the staff can work with patients.
  3. Someone to pick up the little pieces.
    What happens when you need to replace a computer that is on its last legs? Or your air conditioner breaks in the middle of summer? Your patients still need to come first. An office manager, however, will find these tasks much easier to fit into their schedule because their days aren’t filled with face-to-face patient interaction. Instead, they will be able to take the time to contact the correct people, negotiate price, and find the best solution for the problem. All without any major interruptions in the productivity of the office.
  4. Going above and beyond.
    Not only will your office manager be integral to the logistical running of your practice, they will also offer endless support for the whole team. They’ll be a great resource to bounce ideas off of and someone who can offer a helping hand or suggest new systems or technology to better serve patients. A dental practice is a busy, complex place. An office manager handles the controlled chaos like a pro, while making the jobs of everyone around them easier.