You haven’t seen adorable until you’ve seen a puppy in braces

We’re going to keep it short and sweet today, everyone.

You need as much time as possible to enjoy the cuteness that is this golden retriever puppy with braces.

Perhaps you’ve already seen this floating around the interwebs, but if not we’re happy to share it with you.

This puppy, Wesley, got braces from Dr. Moore at Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Mich. to align his teeth properly.

Dr. Moore is known as the “doggie dentist” at the animal clinic and has helped many other dogs with their dental issues as well—including more sets of braces.

And now Wesley is much happier that he can close his mouth properly and eat well. Not to mention he gets to enjoy his new celebrity status!

That’s what we call a good day at the office.

Because, really, does it get much cuter than this?