You’re Never too Old to Check Things off Your Bucket List

This statement has never proved truer than by the recent adventure of Dr. Edwin Galkin, DMD, a New Jersey dentist.

He, at a spry 82-years-young, just checked off one the most awe-inspiring items left on his bucket list—fly around the world in a 1976 Cessna 210 eight-person, single-engine airplane. Color us impressed.

While it may sound crazy to some, Dr. Galkin and his wife Bobbie have lived their lives by this creed: never leave an item on your bucket list, do it all. And while he may have decided to fly around the world in this tiny aircraft a little later in life than Bobbie would have liked, Dr. Galkin wasn’t going to let a number get in the way of him and his lifelong dream.

He had already made two previous trips around the world but neither was quite like this one. With just him and his co-pilot Marty Balk in a tiny passenger plane this particular flight took special skill to ensure it was successful. They began their journey on October 26 and returned home on November 30, 2018, after making many stops along the way.

Perhaps the most endearing part of this story, though, isn’t in the actual flight around the world but the inspiration behind the trip itself. At each stop Dr. Galkin was determined to spread awareness of and raise funds for the Chicago-based Alzheimer’s Association after a close family member fell ill with the disease. He set a $25,000 goal and reached it—making this trip truly worthy of a bucket list moment.

While the journey was long and tiring—with a 14-hour stretch of flying over open water—Dr. Galkin knew he had the support of family, friends and even patients back home. He regularly updated his dental practice website with tidbits from the flight, such as altitude, location and speed.

Once he was back firmly on the ground he was recognized by his community council in Edison, N.J. with a resolution recognizing this tremendous feat and his contributions to the Alzheimer’s Association. It’s a testament to his zest for life and desire to live it to the fullest.

After hearing Dr. Galkin’s story we can’t help feeling inspired to chase after our own bucket list items. How about you? Let us know what’s on your bucket list in the comments!