80% of adults don’t floss every day—but Flosstime’s here to help

Imagine not having to ask your patients “So, when’s the last time you’ve flossed?” again. That’d be pretty great, right?

Well, while that may never totally be the case, a new patent-pending invention could change people’s flossing habits for the better.

Enter, Flosstime.

Flosstime is the brainchild of a Stanford Biodesign team that aims to overhaul the way people think about flossing. Instead of frantically scrambling to floss a few times before they’re next dentist appointment, Flosstime works to make flossing a natural, daily habit. And it’s pretty ingenious the way it does it.

It’s a simple as stick and start. You stick the Flosstime dispenser to your bathroom mirror, push a button to dispense 18 inches of floss (the ADA recommended amount), and start flossing. Flosstime even has flashing lights that show you how long you should be flossing in each quadrant of your mouth. Then when you’re done, it lights up with a blue smile. A subtle, positive reinforcement for a job well done.

On the flip side if you don’t use Flosstime for over 24 hours, it flashes an orange frown to remind you it’s time to floss.

Funded by a Kickstarter Campaign, Flosstime is going to start shipping to backers and those who pre-order in August.

So if you’ve got some stubborn patients who just won’t seem to get on the flossing train maybe show them this article—it can’t hurt, right?

Find out more about Flosstime here.