Marketing to millennials is easier than you think (a millenial’s perspective)

Hi, everyone. A Dental City millennial here.

I thought I’d shed some light on this subject based on personal experience. (And, no, it has nothing to do with postcards or TV commercials.)

There are two keys to marketing to millenials.

Key 1: Keep it real on social media.

Key 2: Make it clear you fit into our fast-paced, please-can-I-have-it-now lifestyle.

Many younger millenials are just jumping off their parents’ insurance, meaning they’re in the hunt for a new practice. So when I realized that being gainfully employed by a lovely dental supply company also meant having to choose my own dentist I did what any millennial would do. I pulled out my phone, searched for “dentists near me,” and started clicking.

And what was I looking for? First, a website easy to navigate (your “about us” page should be front and center) that appeared professional yet inviting. And, second, social media platforms I could stalk visit to see the more “human” side of the practice.

Here’s a social media secret: you should only share so many photos of “insert happy patient here.” That will get old. Instead, balance it with dental tips, funny stories from your office, and any positive influence you have in your community. (Trust me—that assisted living home you just offered free dental care to means a lot more to millenials than the same successful root canals over and over.) But do encourage patients to share positive reviews themselves. I, and other millenials, definitely take these into account when making choices about our dental care providers.

Then once you’ve made it past the “investigative stage”—what next? Well, this is when I returned to the website of one of my finalists and checked if I could request an appointment online. Letting us simply fill out a form to request an appointment is a huge advantage because we can reach out quickly and easily on our terms, not when someone at your office can take our call. So make sure to highlight this feature of your website—it could make or break the millennial interaction.

(Confession: I did actually end up calling—I couldn’t figure out which numbers on my insurance card I needed to fill out. But, to be honest, that’s more a reflection of my confusion at somehow being in charge of my own insurance rather than my dentist’s ability to connect with millenials.)

Plus, informing potential patients you will send appointment reminders via text or email lets us know that you’re willing to connect with us via our chosen modes of communication. I’d much rather have to respond “YES” to a text than answer a phone call or listen to a voicemail message.

So, there you have it. Happy millennial marketing!



Marketing Coordinator