Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences

Last week we had the awesome opportunity to co-sponsor the CE event “Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences” with Dental Practice Advisors. And we are happy to report it was a resounding success.

The festivities kicked off on Thursday at Lambeau Field for the first course of the event—Excellence in the Patient Experience. This course, aimed at doctors and office managers, was all about how great patient experiences start at the top. After all, it’s up to the leaders in the office to create the ultimate environment for exceptional patient care—one that’s supportive, energetic, appreciative, and fun!

Following that Dental City hosted a social hour for all of the practices attending the event. We had a group there all ready to mingle!

Throughout the night we chatted with each of the practices, had some good food, enjoyed a few drinks, and everyone seemed to be having a blast. (The free drink tickets everyone got at the door may or may not have had something to do with that…)

Then the next day we geared up for more courses. Our speaker, John Cashion from the Ritz Carlton Leadership Center, was phenomenal. His passion for customer service radiated throughout his entire presentation and kept everyone engaged through the two Friday courses: Memorable Customer Service and Customer Service Re-energergized.

With a mix of practical tips and stories from his own experiences, Cashion delivered an enlivened call for practices to step up their patient experience as a way to stand out from competition to acquire new patients and make sure current patients are excited to stay with your practice.

So, in a nutshell, it was a really great event. One of the first reviews to come in was simply “We loved, loved, loved it!”

And, to spread the love, in the next couple weeks come back to the Dental City Blog for articles featuring some of these tips on creating exceptional patient experiences to incorporate into your own practice.