How to increase profit with one simple suggestion

Besides the obvious healthy teeth and mouth, what is the one thing pretty much all your patients would like to have?

A bright, shiny white smile. The whiter the better is pretty much the norm nowadays.

But the more important question is this: are you catering to this specific desire of your patients? Or are you letting possible profit and patient satisfaction slip away?

It’s no secret that at times getting patients to accept more than minimal treatment can seem impossible. But if the extra treatment you’re suggesting is something they actively want—not something they’re told they need—they will be much more likely to be receptive to it.

Not to mention there are multiple options you can give them once you get the conversation started.

Starting it is easy. At the end of your patient’s regularly scheduled appointment simply ask something like “Have you ever considered whitening?” or “Is there anything else I can help you with? I know a lot of our other patients have tried whitening if that’s something you’d be interested in?”Venus White Pro Patient Kit

And just like that you’ve opened the door.

Then it’s a matter of tailoring the conversation to what they’re specifically looking for.

Do they want that movie star quality smile? Suggest in-office whitening with an at-home plan to maintain their new pearly whites.

Are they looking to ease their way into whitening? Offer an easy-to-use take home kit like Crest White Strips.

Or use whitening as an incentive to get patients in the door—and wanting to come back for more whitening. My dentist’s office does this very well. They offer every new patient a $1 whitening kit (custom trays and syringe) when they come back for their second visit. I’m now about to go back for my fourth appointment there and will purchase my third whitening kit.

They’ve got me hooked. And I’ve got the whiter smile I wanted.

So what I’m saying is don’t miss out on this opportunity. Not every patient will accept whitening treatment, but those that do will leave your office even more satisfied with their smile and give you a little extra profit.

It’s a win, win!