Dental Therapy Dog Finds Home at Pediatric Dental Office

While researching topics for future articles we stumbled across a story too adorable not to share. (We googled “dog in a dental office.” It was a Friday. Don’t judge.)

Golden Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Quantico, Va. has a permanent four-legged, tail-wagging staff member that patients can’t seem to get enough of. Her name is Flossie, and she’s a dental therapy dog.

Dr. Alan Golden began practicing dentistry in 1976 and had always considered getting a therapy dog for his office. Fortunately, his now 10,000-square-foot office offers the perfect home for one. And Flossie, now three, has been a fixture at the office since she was eight weeks old.

A study done by the National Institutes for Health found that a companion animal in places such as a dental office can improve someone’s mental, social, and psychological health status. And Flossie seems more than up to the job. “I would say ‘Back to work,’ and she goes out and finds a lap to sit on, or sometimes she cuddles with the kids,” Dr. Golden said. “She’s good at it.”

Flossie’s success at offering comfort to the young patients at Dr. Golden’s practice doesn’t come as a surprise either. She passed her certification test with flying colors after just six sessions with her trainer.

Dr. Golden also offers advice for those considering a therapy dog for their own practice. He says everyone should be selective of the breed (Flossie is a Cavachon—a breed that is hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed) and work with the breeder to make sure your chosen dog will have a good temperament and work with a therapy dog trainer to make sure the dog is certified.

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