Do’s and (Definite) Don’t Do’s for Social Media Marketing

Hello, there. If you’re reading this article good for you! That means you’re aware of and recognize the value of social media marketing for your practice.

After all, you’re not just selling a product that can fly off the shelves with a good discount. You’re selling a patient experience. And patients are people. And people are social. I bet you see where this is going?

Exactly! It’s going to show you the best practices for social media marketing. You’re so smart.


  1. Only have social media accounts you believe your target patients will use. Everyone and their brother may be on Pinterest, but if you don’t believe you’re going to reach your target audience there it’s not worth your time. Focus your energy where you think you will get the best return.
  2. Be active on your accounts. It’s not enough to just have a Facebook page or a LinkedIn profile—you need to use them regularly to show patients you want to engage with them. Have a tentative schedule for posts. (Bonus points if it’s based on analytics showing when followers are most active on your pages!)
  3. Have a variety of content and be original. Avoid being one-dimensional with posts that only self-promote. While it’s great to share a patient testimonial once in a while, too many and you’ll look like a one-trick pony that doesn’t offer a whole lot of value to potential patients. Not to mention, they don’t make you stand out. Create a brand “voice” and let that shine through on social media.


  1. Underestimate the power of social media. If you think only young people are on social media or that it doesn’t really have an effect on your practice you’re setting yourself up to miss out. It’s too important to building a positive connection with patients (not to mention spreading good reviews) to pass up.
  2. Seem like your posts are part of a marketing machine. If your posts seem too automatic and like they were generated instead of thoughtfully crafted your followers won’t be interested. They want posts that are authentic and have value for them.
  3. Forget to interact with followers. Don’t leave your followers high and dry when they engage with you. If they comment on something you posted respond to it to show your appreciation for their support. If they ask a question on one of your pages reply as quickly as possible. You want them to feel as if you’re equally engaged with them.