Desensitizing & Caries Arresting Doesn’t Need to be Unsightly: Riva Star SDF & Riva Star Aqua Provide Ideal Minimally Invasive Treatment

When SDI first introduced Riva Star SDF (silver diamine fluoride) in 2018, its innovative formula instantly caught the attention of clinicians for its unique ability to immediately relieve sensitivity and arrest caries without leaving behind unsightly stains on their patients’ teeth.

Initially indicated as a desensitizing agent that relieved sensitivity for two years, Riva Star SDF is now also indicated to arrest caries thanks to its antibacterial properties. It has become a trusted product for clinicians around the world who practice minimally invasive treatment. In particular, it’s recommended for use on pediatric, elderly and otherwise more challenging patients.

And now a second Riva Star formulation, Riva Star Aqua, is available—and continuing to blaze a trail of innovation.

Riva Star Aqua is a water-based silver fluoride solution, that provides the same clinical benefits of the original Riva Star SDF with a reduced risk of tissue irritation and improved smell and taste for a better patient experience.

Because of the reduced instance of tissue irritation, no gingival barrier is needed when using Riva Star Aqua, further saving time during treatment—a win for both patients and clinicians.

The round-up: why you & your patients will love Riva Star

  • Immediately relieves sensitivity for 2+ years
  • 70+% caries arrest rate
  • Easy-to-administer 2-step system is quick for challenging patients
  • No unsightly staining
  • Reduces the need for more invasive caries treatment
    • No drilling or anesthetic required
  • Approved for use around the world and recommended by WHO (World Health Org)

Bonus Tip:

As of Jan 1, 2021 D1355 “primary prevention code” can be used when applying SDF products like Riva Star for insurance filing.

If you haven’t tried Riva Star SDF or Aqua yet, now may be the time to see if it has a spot in your supply inventory. If you have any questions about Riva Star, feel free to call us at 1-800-353-9595 and speak with one of our account managers—they’ll be happy to assist you.