Get your daily dose of adorable with Jo Jo the comfort dog

Dogs. Most of us can at least get on board with the fact that they’re pretty stinkin’ cute. What with their big puppy eyes and wagging tails.

And when they’re helping kids overcome their fear of the dentist, well, then they’re even more adorable.

Which brings us to Jo Jo.

Jo Jo is a six-year-old golden retriever who has spent her life easing people’s fears and anxieties during the tougher moments in their lives. One of her most important jobs was helping traumatized students cope after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elemntary School. But lately she has been working alongside the dental professionals at Pediatric Dentistry of Northbrook where her handler Lynne Ryan works as a dental assistant.

Ryan knew that many of the young patients who visited her office became apprehensive—and that Jo Jo, highly trained for work just like this—could offer a great source of comfort. Now she comes in one day a month and visits any patients who would like to have her there, even snuggling with them if necessary.

For those who are fond of dogs, simply having Jo Jo there lifts spirits and distracts from any negativity, making the dental appointment a more positive experience for all involved.

And, really, with a face like that she could probably go anywhere and make someone’s day just a bit brighter.