Go the Extra Mile with a Friendly Follow-up Call

Ken Mathys, CPA

Ken Mathys, CPA
Founder and Principal
Dental Practice Advisors

The follow-up call is an often forgotten touchpoint in the total patient experience, yet it’s a vital step in delivering exceptional, personalized dental care. Providing timely follow-up to patients shows your sensitivity to their needs and gives you the opportunity to ensure they are satisfied with the care they received.

You should follow-up with patients in many different scenarios: post-op patients who have undergone a significant procedure, a new patient who was fearful, those undergoing perio care, or a patient you have referred to a specialist for a needed procedure to name a few.

Timeliness is the most important factor in effective follow-ups. A kind, caring, and compassionate phone call asking how the patient is feeling after their visit that same day makes your follow-up most impactful. They will be touched that you took the time to connect with them.

Another helpful habit is to inform your patient ahead of time (at the completion of their appointment, for example) that you will call to check in. Or ask your perio patient’s permission to check in with them in 3-4 weeks to see how things are going.

Whether it’s the doctor, hygienist, assistant, or front desk following up, be sure they are tuned into the details and outcome of the procedure or visit before making the call. And make sure to document all follow-up contact—including the patient’s response to the call—in the patient’s file.