Introducing Ecosite Elements Universal Restorative Material
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When you’re busy caring for your patients, keeping up with the latest product innovations from dental manufacturers isn’t easy. To help keep you up to speed, we’ll share a quick overview of new items that are launching, so you can see if they’d be a good fit for your practice. Enjoy!

DMG expanded its Ecosite product line with the introduction of Ecosite Elements, a restorative material they are calling “your modern universal composite for the anterior and posterior region”. Ecosite Elements offers a compact, quick, and intuitive shading system that works well for even aesthetically challenging restorations for impressive results in both regions.

The Ecosite Elements shading system consists of three shade groups designed to quickly & easily recreate 1) dentin, 2) enamel and 3) unique characteristics. By mixing and matching shades from each group, dental professionals can create restorations that expertly match individual patient cases.

  • Pure Shades: BL1, A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1
    • Shades to use as a dentin or enamel replacement
  • Layer Shades: EB, EL, EM, ED
    • Shades to use for enamel replacement or for layering with Pure shades
  • Highlight Shades: INC, OA2, W, B
    • Flowable shades for customization of unique characteristics and masking discolorations

Beyond maximizing shade combinations with a limited shade range, Ecosite Elements also provides optimal handling during placement and polishes quickly to a high luster for beautiful final restorations.

Ecosite Elements is designed for universal use in the anterior and posterior region.

View ordering options for Ecosite Elements here.