Introducing iMatrix™ Clear Matrix System
Fall Promotional Ideas for Dentists

When you’re busy caring for your patients, keeping up with the latest product innovations from dental manufacturers isn’t easy. To help keep you up to speed, we’ll share a quick overview of new items that are launching, so you can see if they’d be a good fit for your practice. Enjoy!

Pac-Dent® recently launched the iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix System—a matrix system specifically engineered to provide the ideal solution to even the most tedious of Class II restorations. The iMatrix Clear System features innovative clear Nickel Titanium (NiTi) that improves visibility during restorative procedures, which makes the process easier for clinicians and leads to optimal results for patients.

Additionally, each system component is designed to optimize each step of the restoration process.

  • Clear Matrix Rings: Provide optimal tooth separation (without slipping) and feature a unique undercut design for greater visibility and improved handling
  • Clear Color-coded Matrices: Clear design allows for complete cure-through and feature ideal marginal ridges for correct anatomical form
  • Clear Wedges: Easy to place and stay in place for exceptional gingival seal

The unique clear design of the iMatrix Clear system helps ensure that dental professionals can carry out restorations with confidence and ease, making it an ideal system for practices that perform a high volume of restorative procedures.  Each intelligently designed component complements the others for an intuitive matrix system that could be a good fit for your practice.

Order iMatrix™ Clear Matrix System here.