Introducing ProFlare® Articulating Disposable Prophy Angles
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When you’re busy caring for your patients, keeping up with the latest product innovations from dental manufacturers isn’t easy. To help keep you up to speed, we’ll share a quick overview of new items that are launching, so you can see if they’d be a good fit for your practice. Enjoy!

Premier® Dental has released an innovative new prophy angle that they say provides a simply better way to polish.

The ProFlare® articulating prophy angle features a unique latex-free articulating cup that pivots and flares, adapting to the contour of each tooth surface with less wrist motion for better ergonomics. Plus, its outer ridges reach interproximally for a more thorough cleaning. ProFlare angles also have an efficient gear mechanism that provides smooth acceleration and optimal jam-free performance.

Why ProFlare might be a good fit for your practice:

  • Unique articulating (pivot & flare) design maximizes surface adaptation and polishing
  • Optimal contouring polishes more efficiently than traditional prophy angles
  • Outer ridges remove stains interproximally
  • Less wrist motion needed to achieve high level of cleaning & polishing
  • Smooth acceleration & jam-free performance eliminates chatter for better patient experience
  • Compact head & neck provide improved vision and access

If you’re considering adding a new disposable prophy angle to your practice, ProFlare Articulating Prophy Angles could be a smart choice.

Order ProFlare Articulating Prophy Angles here.