New Startup Dental Company Comes With Subscription Fee – Can It Last?


The dental industry is well known for its massive technological advances over the years and its willingness to embrace new trends in an effort to help people achieve better oral health. But a new startup dental company is pushing the bounds of dental creativity even further in its attempt to connect with patients.

Lydian Dental is a dental company started in 2014 that’s attempting to do dentistry differently by offering monthly subscriptions for their services and by coming to patients via a mobile clinic. They currently offer general dentistry (cleanings, restorations, etc.), pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services.

They have four brick and mortar locations in Arizona and Texas but are currently focusing on the creation of mobile clinics designed to look like “tiny homes” that have seen a surge in popularity as of late. While interesting only time will tell if this unique approach to dental clinics is what patients are truly after.

But perhaps the biggest test of their success and chances for longevity resides in the monthly fee. It’s one thing to pay to stream your favorite TV shows every month but something else entirely to pay for dental services.

It’s easy to see that a lot of creativity went into creating this new take on providing dental care. But we think it may still take some time for this type of dentistry to fully catch on.