There’s No Such Thing as Down Time – 5 Things You Can Do On a “Slow” Day

A dental practice level of productivity can often by measured solely as the number of patients on the schedule. That means it’s only natural that some days will be more productive than others in terms of patient care load. On those days especially full days you work at maximum capacity to ensure that all your patients have an exceptional experience in your office.

But on the days where your schedule is a little lighter, you don’t need to settle for minimal productivity. You don’t need to brush it off as a “slow” day. You can make it just as productive as when your schedule is full to the brim by participating in other activities that can contribute to the continued growth of your practice.

Not sure how to do that? Here are five productive activities to do during “down time” in your dental practice.

  1. Get organized!
    Days, where patients are coming in and out the door faster than you can say hello, can leave the front desk, exam room and supply closet in a state of disarray. So when there are a few lulls in your schedule take the time to get reorganized, get rid of expired product, and make sure all spaces patients see are nice and tidy.
  2. Spend time online
    No, we don’t mean mindlessly shopping for new shoes. When you have some spare time engage with patients on your practice’s social media channels, craft a blog post, or respond to any new reviews you’ve received. Having a strong online presence is essential for remaining competitive in new patient acquisition—but can be hard to keep up with on days with an overloaded patient schedule. This is one of the most effective ways of using a quiet day at the office to your advantage.
  3. Stay up to date with new advances in the industry
    Dental technology is ever-evolving, which can mean it’s hard to keep up with. Spending a half hour on industry websites to read up on the latest developments in technology, equipment and regulations ensure you’ll be ahead of the game when something new hits the market. Patients appreciate an office that can offer them the latest in dental treatment, so make sure you’re knowledgeable about new dental developments.
  4. Research local nonprofit organizations to partner with
    Partnering with local charitable organizations can be a major win-win for a dental practice. First and foremost it provides your team with a chance to give back to the community you live and work in—an inherently rewarding and bonding experience. And being active in your community will give you a positive reputation, which can lead to more new patients and stronger patient loyalty.
  5. Go to lunch
    Gather up the whole dental team during an open hour and order in or head out to lunch. This is a great way to improve relationships with the staff and rejuvenate everyone for busy days that surely lie ahead. A team that genuinely gets along and enjoys each other’s company is going to create a much more welcoming environment for patients and a better patient experience, which is essential to having a successful practice.

If you continue to keep the goal of practice growth in mind even when you’ve got a few gaps in your schedule you’ll stay productive. Give a few of these “down time” tasks a try and see what gains you see in your practice!