The IMPACT Videos Have on a Dentist's Websites and Socials
The IMPACT Videos Have on a Dentist's Websites and Socials

In recent decades, the world has shifted to a digital social hub and marketplace, where many buying decisions are made based on online reviews and visual experiences. The growing importance of digital value has impacted just about every industry. Chefs are cooking on TikTok, florists are posting pictures of flower bouquets on Instagram and home improvement companies are creating and sharing blogs and videos on Facebook, among other social platforms. Whichever form of digital engagement you prefer for your practice, you want to establish a presence among your peers in the digital community so you’re not left out of the search results of potential patients.

And while it might seem like a fad, this digital experience extends to more traditional industries too. This means that the potential IMPACT of videos posted on websites and social media platforms of any dental professional is immense – and not something to miss out on.

How Patients Choose a Dentist

Patients looking for a new dentist choose based on trust, skill, and referrals. A 2015 study shared with the National Institute of Health surveyed patients who visited a dentist at least once every twelve months, asking them how they chose their provider. Rightly so, this study determined skill level and competency to be the most important factors in dentist selection, with ratings, reviews, and recommendations trailing slightly behind. A revealing, less significant factor in dentist choice was the “overall quality of the service provided”.

What better way to demonstrate the competency and skill level of service from you and your staff than capturing these characteristics visually? Much like with real estate, a simple photo alone doesn’t always provide the whole picture. A quality video allows you to tell a more complete story to your audience, one which includes top-notch results and top-level care from start to finish.

A 2021 study shared in PLOS ONE, reaffirms many of the considerations mentioned above. One significant development in decision-making today is that modern patients are seeking a dentist willing to discuss treatment options with them prior to beginning any treatment. This left providers with the question of how to discuss potential treatments before patients get to the dental chair without sacrificing time with existing patients. To help with this, many providers are adding explanation and demonstration videos to their service listings on their websites. These videos allow patients to get a feel for you as a dental professional, as well as the type of care and services you provide by visiting your virtual office.

The IMPACT of Video Online

In terms of Facebook ads alone, video content gets an average of 20 to 30% more conversion than simple images. Conversions are the actions of filling out a contact form, booking an online appointment, or calling your dental office … and more conversions will hopefully lead to more patients. Comparing the statistics across different social media platforms, you’ll find that video generally grabs more attention than traditional image posts, regardless of subject matter. The use of video is on the rise with social platforms increasing the types of video experiences being offered like those shown on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more platforms.

And it’s not just social media that sees more interaction through video – website Search Engine Optimization or SEO typically benefits as well. Search ranking experts describe the art of video as being “short and sweet” in the way that it can tell a powerful story about you and your practice/brand. This is especially important since people tend to remember videos more vividly and easily than other types of media, and when done properly, videos answer most if not all of their questions.


Video elements included on your website and social pages offer you an additional way to reach out to potential patients and demonstrate why your practice is the one they should choose for dental care. Gain the trust of prospective patients by detailing your methods and services in an accessible way. Regardless of business type, video matters for your brand. When you’re ready to start building an emotional connection with your audience with 5-star videos that attract, educate, retain, and engage patients, let us assist you. You can trust the proven videography process of the IMPACT Digital Marketing team to help increase conversions and get you noticed. Start planning today!

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